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The Local Maintenance Experts


The locals call Russellville Lawn and Landscaping for amazing curb appeal. Well-kept, lush, green carpet like grass surrounding the home is the basis for any showcase lawn.  A well-maintained lawn is not just an esthetic pleasure. Curb appeal increases property value, makes the home more inviting, and enhances the neighborhood.


Most home owners have busy schedules and higher priority items that take precedent to lawncare. Regularly scheduled maintenance can be provided and paced to accommodate any schedule. The key to a successful, great looking lawn is routine, consistent care from lawn experts


Russellville Lawn and Landscaping provides care as a preventive measure, before the lawn needs it. We can fertilize your lawn to maintain a green, healthy color.  Don’t wait until it needs fertilizing.  Feed it before it needs feeding, mow it before it needs mowing. Discuss a maintenance program with a lawn expert at Russellville Lawn and Landscaping today. 

Russellville Lawn and Landscaping offers Leaf Clean-Up and Removal Services in the Fall. Our experienced crews remove any leaves and other debris out of the lawn, window wells, porches, decks and any flower beds on the property. The leaves and debris are then removed from the property leaving your lawn looking clean and manicured for the rest of the season! If you are interested in this service please contact Russellville Lawn and Landscaping today. 

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